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Nancy Newell - Director of sports performance

Nancy has been around softball her entire life. Originally from Glenfield, NY. Nancy was an outstanding high school shortstop becoming a 3 time All State Player of the Year. Upon entering college at SUNY Cortland she had a number of shoulder injuries and she took it upon herself to learn everything about the shoulder, how it works, and most importantly how to protect it. She has spent 5 years in the Strength and Conditioning Field. Including working 2 years at Cressey Sports Performance. Nancy has spoken on the topics of softball training at a nationally, including being a presenter at the Worlds Softball Coaches Convention and the Northeastern Regional Conference. Nancy has served as a Physical Preparation Consultant for both the University of Florida and Alabama softball teams.

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Greg Robins - Co-Owner of the strength house

Greg has been around baseball his entire life. Originally from Westford, MA. Greg lettered at Westford Academy, Kenyon College, and St. Michael’s College as a catcher. He has spent 11 years in the strength and conditioning field. Including working with Northeastern University and 5 years as a coach at Cressey Sports Performance. Greg has spoken on the topics of baseball training nationally, including being a presenter at the National Strength and Conditioning Association SE Conference. Greg served as one of the lead coaches for the Area Code Training Camps for three years.

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Tony Bonvechio Co-Owner of the strength house

Tony is a strength and conditioning coach and co-owner of The Strength House, the premiere strength training gym in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Previously, he spent three years coaching at Cressey Sports Performance in Hudson, Massachusetts, and worked as a personal trainer in Providence, Rhode Island.

He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and earned his Master’s degree in exercise science from Adelphi University in 2013.

He’s worked with people of all shapes, sizes and abilities. Tony has helped professional baseball players, record-setting powerlifters, marathon runners, TV producers, Ivy League professors and more.

Tony is also an avid writer, and many of his articles have appeared on various websites such as STACK, Testosterone Nation, MyFitnessPal and

In today’s society - whether we like it or not athletes are specializing at earlier and earlier ages. Therefore I think it’s important that performance coaches really understand the demands of the game and what players need not only from an athletic development standpoint but a technical and tactical standpoint. Someone who really knows the game.
When it comes to softball performance - Nancy is my go to coach. She knows the ins and outs of the game as a player and as a coach as well. So if you’re looking to take your softball game to the next level there is no better coach than Nancy.
— Lori Lindsey retired professional USA soccer player and current strength coach at Formation Strength