Two Options

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Option 1: In Person

If you live near the Worcester, MA area in person training is the best bang for your buck option. Do you want tried-and-true workouts to get you stronger, faster and more explosive? The Strength House is the place for you. We’ve trained athletes of every experience level, from high school, college and professional ranks. No matter your sport or ability, we’ve got the tools to help you get better.

The Strength House offers two options for athletes:


Force, our high school sports performance program for athletes ages 13-16, turns athletes of all sports and abilities into exactly that: force production machines. You’ll develop all the tools to sprint faster, jump higher, cut quicker and dominate the competition. In the spirit of “High Speed, Low Drag,” Force focuses on the core principles of athletic development – no fancy gimmicks here – while building teamwork, motivation and accountability in a high-energy atmosphere.

What You’ll Get:

  • Train in groups of up to 6 athletes
  • Learn how to jump, sprint and lift to improve your athletic abilities
  • 60 minutes of hands-on coaching per session

Option 2: Distance Based Coaching

If your located outside of the Massachusetts area and want to take your training to the next level fill out the form below and we can get started. 

What You'll Get:

  • Weekly updated programs and video review of your lifts 
  • Access via email to answer any questions 
  • Detailed exercise library with detailed instructions on execution
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