Snap Downs for the Novice Athlete

Director of Sports Performance Nancy Newell discusses the in’s and outs of why she uses Snap Downs for our novice athletes.
Creating force is vital in many team sports, however, if the athlete can’t slow down absorb that force and redirect quickly, they are not going to be as successful, or as safe. A snap down is a simple but effective preparatory drill we use with our novice athletes to teach them how to both absorb force and get into a good athletic position. After teaching basic positions this is a great next step to add a dynamic component to challenging stability. 

What Am I Looking For In The Finish Position:

- Knees are not caving in
- Torso is in a flat back position
- Head is up - eyes to the horizon
- Arms and palms back

How to Perform:

Step 1: Start in an athletic position.
Step 2: Reach up toward the ceiling with your hands and get up on the balls of your feet.
Step 3: Quickly Snap your arms down by your side and finish in the same position you started in. You want to cue the movement to be dynamic enough that the feet pull up and re contact the ground.

Some Of My Favorite Cues:

-Kill the Ground!

-Stomp the Ground!

-Immovable Finish!

Give these a try and let us know what you think!

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Click on the photo to watch a video of how to perform a snap down

Click on the photo to watch a video of how to perform a snap down