Fastpitch Friday Ep.31 Tall-Kneeling TRX Fallouts

Often times what separates a good thrower vs a bad thrower is the players ability to resist excessive extension through their lower back while throwing. Softball players who struggle to do this will often times miss high and glove side when throwing across the diamond because they lead with their head and get around the softball instead of through it. One solid exercise I find myself using more and more is the Tall-Kneeling TRX Fallouts to help combat these issues.

Here's what it looks like: 




1) It allows the athlete to gain and control upward movement of the shoulder blade (scapular upward rotation). As an overhead athlete, if you can't get your arms up overhead moving slow your not going to be able to do it moving fast. Use this drill to help train and control good Scapulohumeral rhythm while resisting motion through your lower back. 

2) Trains anti-extension. Great for teaching athletes how to set their core and resist extending through their lower back. As an overhead athlete we want to avoid excessively rotating and extending through our lower back to help avoid injury and improve our throws across the diamond. 

3) Places athletes in some posterior pelvic tilt. Often times softball players I have assessed will be in some degree of anterior pelvic tilt. This pelvic tilt will often times lead me to find weak anterior core musculature, and weak/inhibited glutes and hamstrings. I like getting them into some degree of pelvic tilt because it helps them learn how to control their pelvis, use their glutes to hold their pelvis in a desired position and helps them work on anterior core control. 

Seminar Annocement

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