Fastpitch Friday Ep.15 Mastering the 1-arm Bottoms Up KB Carry

On this week's episode of Fastpitch Friday I will be discussing a great carry variation I love utilizing with my softball girls. The 1-arm bottoms up kb carry can accomplish multiple objectives when done correctly. Check out this week's episode to learn how and why you should use this exercise in your programming. 




Common Mistakes to Avoid

1) Arching through lower back: 

You want to treat this movement the same way you would treat a prone bridge. You don't want to be extending through your lower back. Your abs should be braced and think of locking down your rib cage to your belly button. 

2) Overactive biceps

I should not see your biceps working at all. This is an exercise testing the reactive firing ability of the rotator cuff and the muscles that support the shoulder blade. You should feel a small amount of tension in the back of your shoulder.  If your biceps is taking over your cuff control during this slow moving exercise I can almost guarantee that your bicep is going to do the same thing during the pitching delivery while leaving your rotator cuff in the dust. A great cue Eric Cressey implements to help athletes excuse this drill is "keep your biceps quiet". 

3) Not using both hands to raise and lower the KB

Since many athletes are using lighter kb's to perform this movement (4-8kg) they tend to get sloppy lowering the KB safely back to their side. Most kids have a poor habit of swinging the KB down by their side and allowing the head of the humerus to glide forward (Anterior humeral glide). Be sure when coaching this exercise you teach kids how to properly lift the KB up to the starting position using two hands and lower it in a safe manner.