Fastpitch Friday Ep.16 Solutions to Crush the DB Floor Press

This week's episode of Fastpitch Friday features the DB Floor Press. This bilateral pressing variation is many times overlooked because of it's simplicity. For me, it's all about doing simple better. Players who practice this variation gain confidence to control heavier weight, understand how to create full body tension, and strengthen both the shoulder stabilizers along with their core. Here are some tips to crush your next floor press 


Common Mistakes

1) Not creating an efficient/stable arch

The small arch you create by "tucking your shoulders down into your back pockets" ensures your shoulders won't translate forward and ram into the front of your shoulder (anterior humeral glide). The big thing here is after you establish your small arch don't let your shoulders "peek" out after finishing each rep. Lock them down and keep them down! 

2) Allowing your hand to travel closer to your bicep

This mistake will stop your strength gains in their tracks. After creating your arch you want to start with the DB's over you shoulders. As you lower the DB's you need to keep your hands under your elbow and prevent your hands/DB's from navigating towards your shoulders. The key here is to create a 90-degree triangle when you hit the floor not collapsing so you form an acute triangle. 

3) Not creating space between your elbows and your body

Not creating space between your elbows and your body leads to your shoulders becoming "un-tucked" which leads to humerus gliding forward. Not making an adjustment may lead to some nasty anterior shoulder irritation or pain down the road. Don't place your elbow down at 90 degrees (in-line with shoulder) or directly by your side, aim for somewhere in the middle (think 45 degrees).