Fastpitch Friday Ep.11 Justifying the Lateral Heiden

On this week of Fastpitch Friday I discuss why exercises like a Heiden, or lateral Heidens mesh effortlessly into many softball programs. 


4 Recurrent mistakes when performing Lateral Heidens. 

1. Landing with a Heavy Foot
You need to land like a ninja (soft and quite). Teach athletes to absorb and distribute forces in a safe manner. 

2. Landing with a Locked Knee
Our hips can support more weight than our tiny knees. In result, you need to use your hips to absorb the force, not your knee. Think of using your hips to cradle your landing. 

3. You Don't use your arms to create momentum
Your arms are a timing mechanism that your body uses to establish coordination and create rotational power. Throw your arms in the direction you want to travel. If you are doing a vertical jump throw your arms to the sky. If you want to travel laterally throw your arms to your side. 

4. Poor footwear choice
Trying to perform an explosive lateral movement with shoes that are made with 70% foam and has no lateral support is a lost cause. The extra cushion will absorb most of the force being created and the lack of support may cause a few rolled ankles. Instead, choose a shoe with more of a minimalist approach or one that has a hard sole that won't give way under force. 

If you have any exercises you would like to see featured on next week's episode of Fastpitch Friday please leave a comment below.