The Best of 2017: Softball Articles

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With the softball community making up the majority of my readers and clientele, I’ve decided to devote a “Best of 2017” that features the top softball posts from this year. Check them out below! 

5) Softball: 4 Simple Solutions to Help Improve Tight Lats

Keep in mind that athletes need to EARN the right to work overhead. A lack of shoulder flexion combined with poor technique can be a recipe for disaster. I discuss common mechanisms that cause lat strains, how to detect lat stiffness, and how to help. 


4) 3 Reasons Why Softball Players Should Avoid the Bench Press

This article was inspired by a few college strength and conditioning coaches who reached out to me via email asking me my opinion on bench pressing for freshmen softball athletes/novice lifters.



3) Fastpitch Friday Ep.37 The 6 Staples of Shoulder Care

This article is a quick guide for softball players on how to keep their shoulders healthy in and outside the gym. This particular article turned out to be a pretty big hit with the softball audience.


2) Softball Injuries: 5 Simple Tactics to Avert Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Through a quick YouTube brain dump I discuss 5 common factors that can contribute to TOS and provide actionable items individual players can use to help avert TOS.



1) Softball: Superior Biceps Pain and What To Do

Closing out the top articles of 2017 is all about managing superior biceps pain in pitchers. 

Wrapping Up 2017

2017 was absolutely amazing! Thank you to all my readers, athletes, friends, family and mentors for making this past year a one to rembemer. This upcoming 2018 expect more blogs and speaking gigs. If your ever in the Hudson, MA area please don't hesitate to reach out and say hi. I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas with their friends and family. Let's crush 2018.