Deadlift More Using This Simple Trick

When looking to perfect the deadlift, it’s crucial to understand how to create maximum tension and “push” the earth away. While exerting force it's a good idea to look at the angles that our energy is being distributed through our body.

If we take a look at this picture to the right it displays someone who has pronated feet meaning his or her feet collapse inward. While he or she deadlifts in this poor position they will distributing more force towards the medial side of their foot and their knees will follow suit.

Question: Why is this a problem? 

Answer: Overtime this can cause pain down the road due chronically poor movement patterns and lead to a decrease in training performance. 

Take A-way:  Stacked joints are happy joints. When joints are in a properly aligned position they are capable of producing greater force and keep you healthy for the activities you love. 

Check out the video below for a simple way to biased your feet in a powerful position while performing the deadlift.

Collapsed Arches = Not Optimal 

Collapsed Arches = Not Optimal